Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tanveer Salt Traders, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is unwavering. We view business as a platform to drive positive change for the environment and humanity. From the onset, we have adhered to CSR guidelines, ensuring our operations benefit both local communities and the environment. As part of our CSR initiatives, we allocate funds as per government regulations to support community development projects, enhancing the well-being of the areas we operate in.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

We are environment-friendly. Being the top-quality manufacturer & exporter of the organic Himalayan Pink Salt & its products, we are bound to strictly follow the rules & regulations at both national and international levels. We make sure the implementation of all policies thoroughly. Environment policy is one of them. According to environmental policy, we are committed to taking into account all factors of our business that influence the environment at any level. We have to minimize the effects that can contribute to environmental pollution. We are committed to setting up a pollution-free environment in all processing techniques and services.

Corporate CHILD LABOUR Policy

It is illegal for a child to take part in domestic child labour. The government acknowledged the effects of child labour as physical & mental health issues. Child labour affects the child’s schooling, majesty & mental development. Being the exporter and manufacturer of top-quality Himalayan Pink Salt & its products, we have to follow all national & international rules and regulations. We have been strictly following the child labour policy. We do not promote child labour.

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